My kids definitely love their time being in this recreation center. This is all they talk about whenever we speak of their day. In fact, they even want to extend their time being in this place because of the interaction they have with other kids. What more is that they always look forward to the time they are going to spend here.



I’ve noticed several improvements in my kids on the time they spent here. Not only their shyness was lessened, but they also started initiating interaction with other kids. I also noticed that they are more confident now about themselves as they present to us everything they have learned from the center. My older kid also learned how to cook which she enjoys showing us every time she has the chance. My younger one is very enthusiastic in showing us that he can already read. Imagine that instead of us reading him a story during bedtime, he is the one who does it to us. He reads to us a chapter every night to show-off what he learned from the center. Enrolling them at Cool De Sac for their past time activities is the best decision we have made so far.



I love that this center always has a comfortable place for parents whenever they come and watch their kids interact and learn. Their waiting room is very modern and very homey that you won’t realize that it’s already time to pick up your kids. There are comfy cushions everywhere where you can lazily sprawl on as you read books and magazines from their large bookshelves they update every week. From the waiting room, there are many TVs where you can see your kids engage in a variety of activities. There is also floor to ceiling windows on two walls of the room where you can see their playroom and their cooking room. This place is highly recommended.