We are a COOL place to celebrate a Birthday Party!

Cool de Sac locations worldwide offer, plan, and execute completely customized Birthday Party celebration experiences created specifically for both parents and children alike. We can plan celebrations for any budget and are equipped with full service kitchen in order to provide all food and beverage needs. How do we cater do both parents and children you ask…

We spoil our adult guests by offering an all-inclusive experience in which you can build your own event based on your needs and your child’s wants. Outside of your exclusive private Birthday Party room parents can relax in our Birthday Party Plaza while socializing with family and friend, catching the game on television, and enjoy adult beverages and gourmet food. Did we mention we set up and clean up everything?

While you are having your time mingling your child (our esteemed guest of honor) and his/her friends will be fully engaged with your dedicated Birthday Party Activity Hosts! Our experienced and lively hosts will design and lead the children through specialized adventure of games, songs/dances, Attractions visits, and other unique activities guaranteed to entertain all young guests.

A Cool de Sac party could be the most effortless party you’ve ever thrown for your child, and one the entire family will enjoy!
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