WHY Cool de Sac?

Food for thought.

In a nation focused on children, franchises serving children’s needs continue to grow. †††† Not to mention, people will always spend money on entertainment, especially when their children are involved. †††††

What’s more, Cool de Sac incorporates two of the fastest growing business sectors: sit-down restaurants and edutainment. Plus, we’ve created a strong market profile by offering a destination that is equally attractive to kids and parents (challenging the common perception that is difficult to achieve).

Targeting mothers and children under 13, Cool de Sac synergizes entertainment with the desire to eat well. Moms are increasingly turning to health-driven foods, and their eating habits in turn are a major influence on kids’ eating preferences. Cool de Sac understands this, and has developed our menus accordingly.

A Cool de Sac franchise further supports parental concern, warmly welcomes children, and offers an inviting family environment. More than just dining out, it’s a well-rounded experience with something for everyone.

Because CDS is an indoor facility model, we’re insulated from the impact of weather extremes. Prospective franchisees across the country, irrespective of the climate zone they live in, will find Cool de Sac’s year-round business advantage hard to ignore.

Franchise Power

Awesome & Growing.


Today, sit down restaurants and child-related industries like edutainment products are two of the fastest growing frachise sectors in the United States. In fact, the franchise industry as a whole is an exciting business today with phenomenal growth potential.

• The National Restaurant Association has announced that the restaurant industry’s sales in 2008 exceeded $558 Billion. Of these, eating places contributed over $376 billion: which shows that people are eating out a lot more than before.* Add the current nationwide move to health-value foods (mentioned above) and you have millions who are also committed to consciously eating better. **

• Simultaneously, the edutainment industry is racing to wards an estimated $7.3 billion in sales by 2011.*** As kids become ever more comfortable with digital technology, the market for learning-driven toys & games is booming.

• The franchising industry currently generates a mind-boggling $1.5 trillion in revenues annually.

• A new franchise opportunity opens every 8 minutes each business day in the U.S.

• Over 900 new franchise industry concepts entered the US market in the last three years alone.††

• A study by the William Rosenberg International Center for Franchising reveals that publicly held franchise companies have actually outperformed S&P 500 companies in the stock market over the last few years!

• While being a franchisee offers the perfect opportunity to Be Your Own Boss, it is also helpful to note that franchises have consistently shown a lower failure rate than comparable businesses. †††


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