A word from the president

I am delighted to welcome you to the exciting world of Cool de Sac, a world where fun, entertainment and good food all come together in a unique concept that both kids and adults just love.

Simply put, Cool de Sac is an attractive family-style restaurant model that offers something for everyone: it’s a wonderful place to meet, it’s a fantastic place to eat, it’s a great place to play and the perfect destination for an all-around family day.

After talking to over 300 parents during our research and having served over 160,000 customers so far, we can confirm that Cool de Sac is a fantastic idea whose time has come. Customer Service ratings to our flagship Restaurants in Florida have been excellent. Cool de Sac has lucratively covered a market niche that fills an important urban lifestyle need and offers highly promising business potential to any entrepreneur in any suburb in the United States.

As we seek to expand our presence to other cities in the U.S. – not to mention other countries – we look forward to forging lasting partnerships with enthusiastic franchisees like you.

Join forces with us and you will become part of a network that is driven by
professionalism, quality, consistency, and a true passion for excellence.

To learn how our partnership can work to your advantage, read more about Cool de Sac in the following pages. As you get to know our business better, you will see an opportunity you’ll want to consider for the long term.

I envision your entrepreneurial spirit and our expertise as the perfect combination with which to build a powerful international brand. I look forward to welcoming you on board!

Best wishes,

Jose Luis Bueno,
President, CDS Franchise, LLC.

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