Play Stations

Creative Fun!

A Cool de Sac features exciting activity stations where kids can entertain themselves and parents can watch time fly! Here are some examples:

ARTS This brightly colored zone encourages children to be creative whether it be in the form of painting, making paper & glue models or putting together bead necklaces. This station promises to allow children to express their creativity.

BLOCKS Kids use interlocking building blocks and accessories to construct towers, houses, streets and more, developing their coordination skills and sense of perspective.

SALON Imaginations soar with a selection of fun dress-up costumes for girls and boys. There are plenty of dolls on hand waiting to be styled. You’ll also provide a friendly host for make-up sessions and nail painting– perfect for girly girls!

DISCOVERY An area of imagination and science. Experience the products of physics including magnetism and gravity. Sculpt on the magnet towers or create your own special path for the ball to roll down. This area will engage all ages in learning about the mysteries of science.

GAMES With a fully-stocked kid-friendly library of video games, you can provide children with opportunities for them to interact with other kids! Helping them to develop quick-thinking skills, this gaming area is sure to be a hit!

COMPUTERS You’ll offer computers loaded with the latest educational and fun games to enhance concentration and problem-solving skills. A secure interface bars improper internet access.

PLAY UNIT A large, secure zone for children 3-12 with play equipment such as slides, hoops and more allows kids to have fun with sheer physical abandon.

TOTS This secure station for kids up to age 3, includes age-appropriate toys and easy-to-grip equipment. They’ll have fun while developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

LIGHTSPACE® PARK A floor of programmable LED-lit tiles display endless colors, images and patterns, and respond according to the movement of the players. An exhilarating and socially interactive experience.

Our party packages include:

  • Highly themed private rooms
  • Party invitations
  • Party specialist
  • Admission fees for children
  • Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, balloons
  • Pizza, juice boxes, and Cool de Sac cupcakes
  • Food platters for adults
  • Time in Cool park featuring our
    state-of-the-art interactive light floor game
  • Open play in our play stations
  • Goody gift sac for every child

 Many upgrades available.

Cool de Sac

A fun proposition that makes great business sense too!

Cool de Sac is an exciting concept combining child entertainment and eating out, two integral elements to the urban-American family lifestyle. But what makes Cool de Sac truly special is the way it blends entertainment with creativity, eating out with good health, and sheer fun for kids with convenience for adults. In fact, Cool de Sac is the perfect place for the entire family.

In a bright and lively environment, the Cool de Sac layout provides roomy segregated areas for both children and grown-ups. Kids benefit from activity zones that include a variety of irresistible play stations with high quality materials and engaging hosts. All play stations can be viewed easily from our full-service dining area where parents can order anything from coffee to a multi-course meal

Designed in collaboration with a team of experts from a variety of related concepts, Cool de Sac represents the culmination of careful research. In creating the design, we contracted award-winning architects as well as companies that have worked for Disney and Universal Studios. The restaurant menu is created by specially hired health experts who squeeze real food value into every dish.

Healthy Kick

What they eat is what’s good for them.

The National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Chef’s Survey 2009 found that preference for organic products was the third hottest trend of the year, followed immediately by nutritionally balanced children’s dishes at number four*. Likewise, WebMD listed food freshness and food safety among the top ten food concerns.

Clearly, the awareness of, and desire for genuinely healthy food has never been bigger and the menu at Cool de Sac has been reviewed by specially hired health experts.

Even popular traditional classics are turned into healthy snacks without the kids knowing it! High-nutrition ingredients like sweet potatoes and carrots are ‘sneaked’ into favorite recipes. Fries are cooked in fryers with zero trans-fat oil. And all milkshakes are spiked with extra protein.

But all this ‘health’ doesn’t mean ‘taste’ takes a back seat. One can order a high quality meal with a glass of fine wine, and top it o! with a classy dessert – making Cool de Sac’s café an inviting proposition for kids and parents alike.

* National Restaurant Association – What’s Hot Chef Survey 2009


The Happiest of Birthday Parties!

Pleasing parents and kids!

Your Cool de Sac franchise will offer a choice of convenient all-inclusive party packages where mom and dad don’t have to lift a finger. Led by a party specialist, no detail is left out. With invitations, goody bags, pizza, cupcakes and more, taken care of, the only thing you’ll have left to decide is which highly themed private party room to choose from.

Parties are fun, easy and upgradeable with activities, themes and many, many extras.

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