We are a COOL place to Play and Learn!

Cool de Sac is the premier children’s entertainment center that features high quality adult dining and menu. The pleasurable dining experience is truly made possible by the construction of a safe and comfortable environment for children to play and learn. Play Smart is brought to life within our unique Attractions which surround the dining room and offer children hours of stimulating play facilitated by our high energy and engaging Attractions Hosts.


Cool de Sac is committed to offering age-appropriate, supervised, adult engage play for all children. Our attractions are not coin redemption machines that make loud noises, flash lights, and disperse tickets. Our attractions are carefully designed areas, based on research of child entertainment, education, and development which are monitored and ran by our high energy Attractions Hosts. While you enjoy your meal and conversation our hosts are leading your children through physical mazes, arts projects, gaming contests, face painting, dances, puppet shows, and much more!!


Play Unit

Gross motor movement is vital in early child physical development, and Cool de Sac understands this. Our Play Unit is where our young guest can fun, physical play and exercise. The Play Unit is our most physical Attraction where children can get a great total body workout as they climb, crawl, swing, spin, and hang.


Art is a key educational element which promotes creativity and self-expression as well as enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children can engage their creative side in our Arts Attraction during each visit as we stock the art area with coloring sheets, paints, crayons, and other fun craft items that can be used to create memorable masterpieces. Ceramics figurines and other items are also available for purchase if there is a special gift that needs to be made for a friend or family member.


Cognitive (problem solving) and fine motor skills are on display in the Cool de Sac Blocks Attraction as children have the ability to stack, build, roll and construct their wildest structures and configuration. With thousands of blocks of different sizes, shapes, and color the possibilities are endless. Our young designers will absolutely love our specialty project building tables, and paper doll silhouettes as their blank canvases for hours of fun and creative constructionl


There is a special gift we sometimes lose as adults, our imagination! Remember dressing up and becoming your favorite super hero or princess? Cool de Sac says… lights, camera, action in our Backstage Attraction! Children enjoy taking their turns at being movie stars, their favorite hero, or princesses as they have access to an assortment of fun costumes and garments. Once they are in costume, it is time for make-up, as we always have our Attractions Host ready to paint those little faces.


Many of the Cool de Sac Attractions are designed for children 4 years and older, but we certainly did not forget about our younger guests. Our Tots Attraction is filled with gross motor, imaginative play, and cause and effect stations that will keep your children 3 years and younger entertained for hours. Our toddler attraction features a custom ball pit, cause and effect light features, soft climbing blocks, educational puzzles and more! We even designed an adjacent dining area for you to sit, sip, and chat while they romp and play!


At Cool de Sac, we understand that some older children love video games, and we have not forgotten about them, although there will not be any sitting around on the couch! Our custom gaming kiosks in our Games Attraction promote games of constant movement, and even group play. Kiosks are fully stocked with both X Box and Kinect games rated – E for everyone. The rotation consists mostly of sports, racing, and action games. Ready for a Dance Revolution contest? We certainly are!


Mazes, puzzles, magnets, and air machines… it’s all here in the Cool de Sac Discovery Attraction! Science meets fun as children can explore various cause and effect explorations. No lab coats required.

Other Attractions

Our locations globally may feature some of the following Attraction additions and options:

– COOL Climbing Walls
– Tree Houses
– Indoor mini sports fields
– Zip Lines
– Computer and tablet stations

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