About Us

Cool De Sac from the name itself is a good place to be for parents and toddlers alike. There is no downtime here and there is a promise of fun and excitement everywhere you look. What more is that there is a different plan for every age group so you can expect that everything you do here is age appropriate.

Cool De Sac was established in 2007. It was first established with the well-being of kids in mind. This is most especially for kids who need a place to be for working parents. Sometimes, parents want their kids to be around other kids for them to develop their social skills among others. That is where we enter the picture to be of assistance to them. But not soon after, we recognize the need of parents to participate in the activities they do. That is why we extend our reach to them. We create activities so that we can be an element that can help parents and kids have the bonding experience they need to develop further their relationship.

Have we been successful? We’d like to think so, yes. Over the years, we have acquired more and more guests here who forced us to expand because just the recreation center we have back then was not big enough. Also, we have only good feedback coming from our customers. We are top-rated which makes us one of the best recreation center being sought-after by families.

What’s next for us is that we have been working to expand our reach. Now, we are already looking forward to opening another branch in one of the nearby cities. We hope that this move would help the relationship between many parents and kids to be developed further. You can call us for more information on our services. Our contact details are available on our Contact Us page.